About Us

Our company has established itself in the field of bakery and patisserie nationwide and outside Greece.

The 25th experience demonstrates the specificity of art and passion for handmade manufacture of all products.

Our guarantee our customers who continue to prefer our innovative ideas, and proves our preference.

Our products

Bread Τinplates - Pastry Aluminum Sheets-Plates - Τinplate Sheets-Plates - Perforated Metal Corrugated Sheets-Plates - Aluminum Sheets - Sheets Alouminate - Perforated Metal Sheets DCP-Inox-Aluminium-Aluminate - Forms Inox Cake - Forms Paste Inox - Forms Breads Tinplate - Forms Round Bakery - Forms for Toast bread - Single Forms - Single Form for Rusk Bread - Single Form for Restaurant Bread - Single Form for Zapata Bread - Forms Five in sequence - Forms Four in sequence - Single Form Square - Stroller-trolley for sheets or plates - Baking oven trolley for sheets or plates - Inox discs for patisserie-bakery

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